Red, White, and Blueprint is a movement and accompanying docuseries co-founded by Carlos Zapata of Shasta County.

The group works on restoring our rightful freedoms, they believe their work can serve as a blueprint for other communities to do the same – those who hold dear the forefather’s vision of this great country and seek to restore it back to its original intention.

The video follows a jury trial against Carlos Zapata for the May 4th incident in downtown Redding involving Nathan Pinkney and others. Also known as SplashGate. Criminal defense attorney Joseph Tully defended Carlos Zapata on charges of battery and disturbing the peace resulting from an altercation with Nathan Pinkney last April.

SplashGate began with an accidental splash of water, and was fanned into a major criminal case driven by politically motivated DAs.

“I don’t ever want to see a client convicted for something they didn’t do,” says Tully. “It doesn’t matter how big or little the charge is, and it makes me scared to death now knowing that a jury can convict where a client is innocent. That should never happen.”

Watch and see for yourself.