It’s been a busy first six months at Tully & Weiss with Joseph Tully successfully defending three clients at trial. In February, after the District Attorney dismissed one case against Mr. Tully’s client on the eve of trial, the District Attorney went forward with the remaining two misdemeanor charges. After a quick trial, the jury came back with not guilties on all counts. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Tully began a six week homicide and robbery trial in which the District Attorney alleged special circumstances, meaning the client faced life in prison without the possibility of parole. Mr. Tully argued to the jury that the District Attorney’s Office had overcharged the case and that the facts in the case were more consistent with an accident or involuntary manslaughter. In less than a day, the jury returned a not guilty verdict on the charges put forth by the District Attorney and found the client guilty of involuntary manslaughter as suggested by Mr. Tully. As a result, the client went from facing life in prison to a maximum of fourteen years. Most recently, Mr. Tully defended a client at trial charged with assault with a deadly weapon amongst other charges. The District Attorney’s Office specifically sought prison time for the client. After a two week trial in which Mr. Tully argued that the facts of the case clearly showed this was self-defense, the jury came back in less than a day with not guilties on all charges.