A federal Judge sentenced Norman Wielsch, the former Commander of the Contra Costa County drug task force, to 14 years in federal prison for his part in drug-and-corruption related charges. In addition to admitting guilt to drug-related charges, including possession, sales and distribution and trafficking, Wielsch admitted to committing civil rights violations while conducting illegal searches and seizures. As part of his crime spree, Wielsch would steal drugs from the evidence locker and in turn sell the drugs for cash.

In addition to Wielsch, two other law enforcement officers were arrested for their part in the corruption-scandal. Last Fall, San Ramon police officer Louis Lombardi pled guilty to stealing weapons and cash while executing search warrants. Lombardi is currently serving a three year sentence. As part of a different scheme involving Wielsch, deputy Sheriff Stephen Tanabe has been accused of taking bribes of guns and cocaine in exchange for making DUI arrests.

This is not the only law enforcement scandal in Contra Costa County. In an unrelated corruption charge, Richmond Police Sgt. Michael Wang has been accused of corruption and other drug-related offenses.