Support Music Education in Martinez!

🎶 🎸 “Do you remember, the twenty-first night of September?” 🎤🎵

Will you Disco Dance in Public to Earn $$$ for MJHS Music?

Help Martinez Junior HS Music earn $3,000 on Saturday September 21st by taking the Disco Challenge!

    • DOWNLOAD MJHS DISCO FLIER PDFStep 1: Disco in public to “September” by Earth,Wind & Fire
    • Step 2: Record yourself or others dancing
    • Step 3: Upload the clip to social media tagged #MJHSMusic

With your help, MJHS Music will earn $100 per video up to $3,000!!!

This Saturday Sept 21, every video posted to social media of people dancing in public around Martinez to “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire will earn the MJHS Music Program $100. Find a friend to dance, or hold the camera for you. Turn up the volume and blast the Earth, Wind & Fire song “September”. Bust your best disco moves and upload the clip to your favorite social media with the #MJHSMusic hashtag. 

Dance.   Share. Support #MJHSMusic.

Below is the official video for the song on Youtube. Here is the song September by EWF on Spotify.

Sponsored by Tully & Weiss
benefiting the Martinez Music Boosters