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60 Minutes

Informant says he was planted in Orange County jail to snitch

Mark Cleveland tells 60 Minutes he shaved 40 years off his sentence by becoming a jailhouse informant for Orange County law enforcement officials, now under investigation

San Francisco Chronicle

Supes Extend Deadline For Cannabis Business Applicants

The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday morning to extend the application timeline for entrepreneurs seeking land use permits for cannabis-based businesses like retail storefronts, commercial grows and manufacturing operations.

San Jose Mercury News

SV Chat: Joseph Tully, bringing legal system to light

California’s justice system — especially the ranks of cops, district attorneys and judges — are “Machiavellians,” “sadists” and “sociopaths.”

That’s the message put forth in “California: State of Collusion,”…

California: State of Collusion

Power, Conspiracy, and Cover Ups in a Failed Criminal Justice System

An Inside Look at California s Corrupt Criminal Justice System and the Very Real Dangers Citizens Face
In California: State of Collusion, legal gladiator Joseph Tully exposes California’s alarming culture of power, conspiracy, and cover-ups. 

Rolling Stone

Peter Tosh’s Son in Coma: Inside Fight for Jawara McIntosh

In a coma since a February beating in a New Jersey jail, the late reggae star’s son is holding on – and his family is fighting for justice

Rolling Stone

Drone operator wants to apologize to CHP pilot for near miss in Martinez

On the night of December 6th, a young man who was flying his drone near his Martinez home nearly caused it to collide with a California Highway Patrol (CHP) helicopter.

Is the Decrease in Cash Bail Leading to More Incarceration?

Criminal justice advocates touted the end of cash bail as a way to remedy the fact that poor people had to stay in jail while the affluent went free. While the idea was good in theory, now that many states have abolished cash bail, it turns out that another factor is...

Hung jury in reverend’s trial

Yuba County DA to decide if prosecutors should retry case against self-proclaimed Rastafarian church leader Appeal-Democrat by Rachel Rosenbaum, February 21, 2019 After two and a half days of deliberation, a Yuba County jury could not agree on a verdict in the...

Reverend’s Fate is Now in Jury’s Hands

Appeal-Democrat by Rachel Rosenbaum, February 15, 2019 Jurors are now deliberating two felony conspiracy charges against Rastafarian church leader Heidi Lepp. After hearing closing arguments from the prosecution and defense, jurors will now decide whether they believe...

Yuba County DA rests case against reverend

Trial of Rastafarian church leader continues; arrested after foothills Appeal-Democrat by Rachel Rosenbaum, February 13, 2019 Prosecutors rested their case Wednesday against a Rastafarian church leader and the defense called an expert in medical marijuana. After two...

Charges Thrown Out After Security Camera Focuses on Defense Notes

A man on trial for misdemeanor assault and trespass charges in Washington’s San Juan County had his case thrown out after the sheriff used a courtroom security camera to zoom in on defense and juror notes. The man’s public defender says her client’s civil rights were...

A holy woman or a scam artist?

Trial of self-proclaimed Rastafarian reverend begins; arrested after foothill pot grow shooting Appeal-Democrat by Rachel Rosenbaum, February 6, 2019 Yuba County prosecutors want jurors to believe that Heidi Lepp’s Rastafarian church was a scam. The defense wants them...

Closing Arguments in the Marijuana Conspiracy Case of Heidi Lepp

The Davis Vanguard by David Greenwald, February 16, 2019 Heidi Lepp, a Rastafarian church leader, is facing two felony conspiracy charges for allegedly running an illegal operation to cultivate and sell cannabis.  If convicted she could face up to three years’...

Florida Deputy Fired for Falsifying Narcotics Evidence

Possession of substantial amounts of heroin can get a person sent to prison for a long time. Possession of large quantities of laundry detergent? Not a crime. A Florida deputy has been terminated from his job and 11 people were released from county jail because of the...